Scope of HRD
The Synopsis of people and business: Human Resource Development: Solutions Designing and implementation

The secret behind a successful organization is its people. Yet managing people at work is far from easy. As more and more compact business units go into production, employee headcount sees an influx, & with it all the necessities concerning people management. Operational heads are frequently left to deal with a gamut of HR technicalities they were never trained to do. The lack of specialized domain knowledge often leads to wrong hiring, none-linier appraisals, inadequate performance management, poor development, detrimental Employee Relations, & higher turnover costs- not to mention the loss from ‘productivity’ hours diverted to handle these functions.

There is a growing consensus among corporate leaders that this ‘work paradox’ epidemic is symptomatic of a serious disorder in people practices. Success in today’s business requires micro level management, faster innovation in services and products, and adapting to change in the blink of an eye. But in this people versus business operations- key success factors like communication, team work, development and motivation get superimposed on a corporate framework already suffering from myopic vision.


The list is alarming. In reality Human Resource function is a much misinterpreted & under-utilized corporate function- a mere support role of little or no business significance. HR initiatives are often treated cosmetically: A performance appraisal is pre emptive, training is not aligned to corporate goals, recruitment fails to map a job matrix to the prospective candidate’s competence and so on.

The end product is revenue draining futile exercise. Ultimately both the employer and employee suffer- The business suffers. Negative vibes proliferate. Why not put things into perspective? If you don’t have a full spectrum HR vertical at your disposal, are unsure of how to put matters into order, then the best thing is to get someone to do it for you. Get yourself a specialist.

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